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From Medical Practice Owner to a Medical SEO &  Internet Marketing Expert Company

The US Lead Network started as an online lead generation network for a pain management clinic in Phoenix, AZ a few years ago. David Greene, MD, MBA learned how to generate online traffic for his practice and by year 3 over 80% of the patients came from the internet. Medical SEO can work wonders if done properly.

Over time, the Network started generating over 250 monthly screened leads for the clinic with the healthcare internet marketing techniques learned. Dr. Greene then said, “Why not open this medical SEO success up to other medical and dental practice owners?

Internet Lead Generation

US Lead Network Founder & CEO David Greene, MD, MBA

That’s exactly what he did, and the US Lead Network was born. The Network is now leading the way online with internet marketing for Medical and Dental Practices nationwide.

Ethical Techniques, Amazing Online Results

With a proprietary blend of over ten ethical internet marketing techniques, the US Lead Network represents a natural online marketing arm for healthcare practices big and small. The online lead generation methods used to generate traffic are multi-faceted, and there are no gimmicks or “black hat” techniques used. The US Lead Network works exceptionally hard to make your practice’s phone ring.

The service is robust enough to either replace the online marketing for a business or serve as an add-on to bring in new patients. Whether the business provides medical or dental services as an insurance based or fee for service practice, new patients are a must to grow the practice’s bottom line.

Dr. David Greene, the Founder & CEO, is a prolific author himself, having recently been featured as a Top 20 Expert Author by Ezines.com, the top article directory site in the world. Out of over 470,000 authors, Dr. Greene ranks #15 as an Expert Author and #1 in the Pain Management category. He heads up the content team for the US Lead Network, and oversees all medical and dental campaigns. As an MD and an MBA, Dr. Greene understands all too well what it takes to grow one’s practice cost effectively.

“The search engines want quality content, not gimmicks. My company focuses on just that along with quality websites, pay per click campaigns, email and video marketing and social media. It takes a lot of time, and when I was in practice, I would rather be seeing patients.

Now we manage small and large campaigns from start to finish for all types of medical and dental practices. The campaigns bring a great return on investment to the practices, and it’s a great feeling to help boost their revenue so effectively.”

Internet campaigns with US Lead Network are set up either as a monthly set-fee plan, or as a pay-for-performance arrangement. Contact us to find out how we can help!

What makes the Network better than ANY other lead generation company?


  • The Network promotes exclusivity with clients that sign up on a pay-for-performance basis. Leads generated are supplied to your practice and ONLY your practice in your geographical area. Other lead generation companies sell the EXACT same lead to 5 companies. That will not happen with us.
  • When the Network works on a “pay for performance” basis, if leads are not coming in, your practice does not get charged maintenance fees (unless otherwise arranged up front).
  • The proprietary blend of lead generation techniques have consistently worked exceptionally well and span several avenues for exposure. The Network does not rely on one mechanism for lead generation, rather, over ten methods are used.
  • The Network limits the amount of practices that can sign up and works extremely hard for those clients on a continual basis.
  • “Cheesy” marketing tactics are not used, and any special offers being advertised will be approved by your company prior to implementation. Growth is important, but your reputation is of prime concern to us.


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